Hoof Oils - purified essential oils

Hoof Oil - purified essential oil

Hoof Oil – purified essential oils consisting of 100 % plant based carrier oils for example almond oil and then we added essential oils. Carrier oils are important for offering a maximum penetration to the essential oils rich in vitamins and nutrients into the hoof.
Rosemary or Lavender oil have a caring and regenerating effect. Depending on the problem of the hoof certain oils can be combined to track down the dysfunction of the hoof and activate growth as well as horn quality at the same time.

Hoof Oil – purified essential oil consisting of 100 % plant based carrier oils for example almond oil and then added essential oils. Carrier oils are important for offering a maximum penetration to the essential oils rich in vitamins and nutrients into the hoof.

Caring for hoofs

Though we seem to care well for our horses we often forget about the importance of a healthy hoof. In order to prevent hoof dysfunctions we developed a special series of oil combinations.
Our care solution is protecting and promotes excellent hoof quality.

For hoof dysfunctions

Does your horse show hoof dysfunctions and you have no idea how to tackle the problem any more?
Our products are tracking down the individual problem and aim to assist the hoof to regenerate itself. This is a quick overview into which oil is suitable for the hoof problem of your horse.
The following products can be used on a daily basis. Please send us a photo or whatsapp of the hoof of your horse to us so we can advise you which product would be suitable for your horse.

Where can I buy these products?

You can order the products in our online shop:

But as well in all EQUIVA shops, at the REITERSTADL and in Switzerland at HOOFGROOVE.


On the photo you can see chronic laminitis hoofs which additionally also have hollow walls. Special Oil has been used on them for 6 months.
There are additional reports as well as before-after photos that we have collected for you:

Your horse is important to us

The Hoof Oil company is an enterprise run by the owner. It has specialized on oil products for caring and protecting hoofs. We know from our own experience how the suffering pressure feels if hoof dysfunctions occur. The health of your horse is therefore a special issue for us.
Our hoof oils care and protect the hoofs of your horse and assist with diverse hoof dysfunctions.
All products are carefully manufactured from first class essential oils in our business in Lower Austria. This way the hoof can regenerate to improve your horses wellbeing as fast as possible.

100 % natural with heart warmth

Our hoof oils have a combination to assist hoof problems. Hoofs regenerate faster and produce a better horn quality.

Designed to track down the hoof problem

Our oils provide different characteristics and are tuned to track down different hoof dysfunctions. If you are uncertain which hoof oil would be the right one for your horse just send us a photo. Our experienced team will try to answer all your questions and assist you as best as they can.

Please be aware ….

… that by using the hoof oil products we require that your horse is kept correctly, has a proper blacksmith tending on the hoofs and an assisting veterinarian. Otherwise there won’t be satisfying results.

Do you have any questions about...

We summoned most of your queries in FAQ’s. Nevertheless you can contact us any time and we will answer you questions.

What our customers say:


I think the hoof oils are great. During the time when I used the oils I noticed a constant improvement. The positive development is also very good on the hoof. The only thing that prevents me from using the oils is the high price.

Heike Vlasak-Drücker

Hallo Elisabeth, also, nun geht das Narbenöl dem Ende zu und ich bin glücklich dir mitteilen zu können, das der Huf 1A ausschaut! 🙂 Letzte Woche sind Eisen drauf gekommen und dazwischen ein orthopädisches "Hufbett" auf beiden Hinterhufen, da sich leider eine Arthrose durch die Verletzung der Knochenhaut gebildet hat, auch davon sende ich die Tage nochmals Bilder. Ich empfehle deine Öle fleissig weiter, doch die meisten "zucken" beim Preis. obwohl es sooooo ergiebig ist! Ich kapiere es nicht. Ich kann nur sagen: DANKE!!

Cora Krätzschmar

The hoof had formed a hollow wall, the growth of the hoof was very slow and the wall was thin. The hollow wall was exposed and in addition a special shoe was attached. By daily oiling with the special oil the growing horn material is thicker and more stable, the hoof grows down faster and is again stable.

Hannes Hofer
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