Frequently asked questions

Well, it’s only halfway true, it depends on the product you are using. Our products don’t clog up pores and the hoofs is able to breathe and pick up moisture. Our functional oils assist the hoof and you cannot “over oil” as only the required amount penetrates into the hoof. Most hoofs are to dry anyhow and therefore in the first 3 weeks of usage the absorption is high. Please note that when wet hoofs cannot absorb the oil as well as when they are dry. It is recommended to oil the hoof beforehand. If your horse comes in from the paddock with wet hoofs, ride first and oil them after riding. A bit of leftover wetness is no problem.

As Hoof Oil has a high consistency of essential oils like lavender or lemon and others it is higher in price. We use around 120 essential oils furor products. Each product is designed for tracking down specific problems. We only use high quality essential oils to guarantee excellent results.
These ingredients have already been used by me predecessor and have convinced customers over the past 20 years. As a basis we use only cold pressed plant based oils. All products are manually mixed and carefully bottled. Essential oils are high in cost on the original purchase and as our products carry 20 – 60 % of them it’s impossible to sell them for less. High quality of our products is important to us and as only aim for the best outcome for your horse.

The secret are the essential oils, they have various caring effects and only the right combination assists the hoof in activating healthy growth.

It was not my idea, it was Herta Härpfer-Horn who initially had the idea. The oils exist since 20 years and their brand name used to be ECUS. Sadly Mrs Härpfer-Horn got sick and died a couple of years ago. I assisted her for 2 years and I am very grateful that she passed on her knowledge to me. Like her the horses welfare is an important issue for me. I am riding since childhood and can’t imagine a life without horses. I me Mrs Härpfer-Horn as my own horse was suffering from heavy hoof rot and I really had tried everything to get rid of it. The only working solution were her oils. Out of my own experience I know the suffering that’s connected with hoof dysfunctions and I am very grateful now to be able to help your horses the same as I had help then.

Ich führe die Huföl-Produktion im Sinne von Mag.a Herta Härpfer-Horn weiter. Ich verwende dabei viele ihrer ursprünglichen Rezepturen und Inhaltsstoffe und entwickle diese weiter. Dadurch bleibt die hohe Qualität und Funktion der ursprünglichen Ecus-Produkte erhalten.

The sole purpose is to be able to determine which problem we have to face and then be able to advise you which oil to use and how often it should be applied. Please always send us a report of the course of the disease and the hoof dysfunction.

Please send us a photo of the hoof that’s affected the heaviest, for example with hoof rot.
With chronic laminitis hoofs please take single pictures of every affected hoof sideways and from the bottom and a parallel one from the front feet. If possible send X-rays as well and a photo of the horse standing up.
If you have cracked hoofs please send a photo of the heaviest affected hoof.
Is the problem a brittle or soft hoof also take a photo of the heaviest affected hoof.
With canker please take a photo of every hoof sideways and from the bottom. Please lift up any fetter hair up when taking a photo.
You can send the photos either with your order, via the contact sheet, via email or whatsapp.
Basically you cannot send too many pictures or too much information, every bit helps us further to determine the right oil for your horse.

If you use Hoof Protection Oil or Hoof Protection Oil Plus 1-3/week it will last you for about 2 months for normal to large hoofs.
The first 3 weeks the hoofs will absorb more oil. After this time you will only need one brush stroke per hoof. With hoof dysfunctions that affect the entire hoof such as Laminitis or brittle hoofs or gaps in the hoof or hollow walls you should oil the entire hoof until it has completely regrown.
The amount of oil is determined by it’s growth, which it will be accelerated through the oil.

Yes, it can as the oil penetrates pretty quickly into the hoof. Please note that the hoof is dry before you apply the oil.

We respect the work of blacksmiths very much so and quite a few of them cherish our oils and recommend them as well. It happens though that a blacksmith recommends a different oil. In this case please thrust our ability to the right ingredients of our oils. If questions arise we are always there to answer any questions from the blacksmith or we get in contact with your blacksmith. It is important to us that we always find the best solution for the dysfunction of your horses hoofs.

Our bottles are a quality product made in Switzerland which consist up to 99% from aluminium.
This way we can guarantee that our products stay genuine. The bottles are very robust and don’t endanger your horse if they tip over. in addition there is no daylight that could change the chemistry of the oil and turn it ineffective. As we are environmentally friendly we ask you to properly dispose of the bottles or return them to us and we will reuse them. Nevertheless if you would prefer blue or brown glass bottles we ask you to mention this on your order.

Product specific questions

Rainbow Oil

It’s for blacksmiths after they have worked on the hoof or for horse owners that own more than one horse and want to care for the hoofs.

You can apply it 1-3/week onto the entire hoof.

Hoof Protection Oil

Once the hood has dried out but doesn’t show cracks or gaps yet. You may apply the oil on a very dry hoof on a daily basis or 1-3/week.

Sie können das Hufpflegeöl bei akut trockenen Hufen täglich und zur vorbeugenden Pflege 1-3 mal wöchentlich auftragen.

Hoof Protection Oil Plus:

Used on very dry hoofs with fine cracks or on hoofs that tend to develop hoof rot or on hoofs that had other dysfunctions for a follow up. The oil can be used on a daily basis or 1-3/week onto the entire hoof.

Das Öl kann je nach Bedarf täglich oder 1-3 mal wöchentlich auf den ganzen Huf aufgetragen werden.

Sole Hardener Oil

It can support a soft, thin or sensitive sole and a soft rim, on Laminitis hoofs or if the hoof has been cut back too much.

For the first week yes and also onto the rim, afterwards only onto the sole otherwise the rime hardens too much and will start to break. On Laminitis hoofs the Sole Hardener might be used as long as a new sole has regrown. Don’t apply the Sole Hardener onto the frog.

It should be applied for at least 4 weeks daily onto the sole, after that time as often a necessary.
You will notice the improvement after the first 2 weeks and if the rim is affected apply the oil on it as well but just as long as it hardens otherwise it might break in parts. On Laminitis hoofs please only apply the Sole Hardener until a new sole has formed.

Laminitis Oil

Used on chronic Laminitis hoofs after the acute relapse has passed. It tightens the material of the hoof and supports the hoof in the regenerative process.

No, the oil cannot prevent the relapse and should not be used during the relapse. We advise you to contact your veterinarian. The Laminitis Oil is for the chronic stage of Laminitis and supports the quality of the hoof. We also advise you to use the hot wraps. We were able to observe that the horses seemed very content and relaxed during the application. If your horse has a chronic Laminitis hoof the oil can support the hood quality but cannot prevent a relapse.

It should be applied onto the entire hoof. Meaning onto the pastern, hoof wall, frog, bulb of the heel, sole and rim of the hoof – if there are no shoes mounted. If in addition there is a Sole Hardener used use the oil on the entire hoof and the Hardener only on the sole. We advise to use he Sole Hardener additionally if the sole is too thin or brittle or if we have a lowered or rotated coffin bone or the sole is too sensitive. Should there in addition to the laminitis hoof a hollow wall exist or brittle hoofs or a hoof abscess we advise you to use the Special Oil. Should your horse have cushions between the shoes apply the oil where it’s possible.

With Laminitis hoofs we recommend you to use how wraps for the first 2 weeks as advised.

Wir empfehlen die zusätzliche Anwendung des Sohlenhärters wenn die Sohle zu dünn oder mürbe ist, eine Hufbeinsenkung und/oder Rotation vorliegt oder die Sohle allgemein empfindlich ist. Falls das Pferd zusätzlich zum Rehehuf eine hohle Wand, mürbe Hufe oder Hufabszesse hat, bitten wir Sie unser Spezialöl zu verwenden.

Hoof Rot Oil

It should be used on moderate to strong hoof rot. In case your horse currently has no hoof rot you may use it for protection 1-3 times a week or if you notice that the ground is increasingly wet or messy. You could as well use Hoof Oil Plus.

Hoof Rot Oil should be used generously daily across the affected area. If the hoof rot is is very deeply situated please also use the added fabric. Cut the fabric into strips, roll them and dip them into the hoof rot oil.
You push the oil saturated fabric with a clean tool into the furrow. Repeat this process daily until the spurt starts to fuse again and the fabric cannot be pushed into the furrow any more. Of course you use fresh fabric on every usage.
You should repeat the process until the spurt is completely closed up and for 2 more weeks.
Horses that tend to develop hoof rot can be treated prophylactic with the Hoof Rot Oil or Hoof Protection Oil 1-3 times a week. Hoof Protection Oil should not be used on existing hoof rot, it is only a preventative measure.

Special Oil

With an existing horn gap the right cutting is essential. Check if the coronet bubbles out near the gap and if yes there is too much pressure right there on the hoof. With horn gaps you should use Special Oil but it only works if there are no pressure points on the hoof. Special Oil should be applied daily onto the coronet, wall, frog, bulbs of the heels and sole. The hoof should have fused the gaps completely before you stop using it.

Please use hot wraps and on top Special Oil. Don’t forget to send us pictures as well as a course history. The oils can only assist but you should always consult a blacksmith and a veterinarian.

Please send us pictures. Please take a picture of the hoof that heaviest affected from underneath and from the front. You should apply Special Oil onto the entire hoof – coronet, wall, frog, bulbs of the heel and sole.

Apply the oil every day onto the wall until the white line has regrown completely.

Many of our clients have tried everything possible to help their horses. It’s a tricky subject as not every hoof cancer is the same. On suspicion of hoof cancer we achieve excellent results with our Special Oil but we cannot promise that it will work every hoof cancer. That’s why we recommend that you order a small bottle if there is only one hoof affected. Even if there are only minor achievements within the first 3 weeks please continue. With moderate hoof cancer you will have to continue the treatment for up to 10 months. The right blacksmith handling as well as veterinarian treatment are essential as hoof cancer might have different reasons for it to occur.
If could be that the hoof had too much force or hoof rot or metabolic origins or injuries happening. Sadly it also happens that clients try to find reasons for the hoof cancer but nothing turns up.

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