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Thrush Oil – the natural alternative

Thrush is a bacterial attack of the frog. The frog is weakened and cannot maintain it’s weight bearing function within the mechanical activity of the hoof. This leads to a progressive dysfunction with the possible result of weak hoof material, equine hoof canker or a contracted hoof.

How to use: Apply the oil in the beginning once a day. Use the brush on the frog and in the collateral grooves. In addition we recommend that you use soaked tissue – which is included in your order – that needs to be pushed into the groove. That way you prevent bacteria and dirt entering the groove. The tissue needs to be changed daily!
The Thrush Oil needs to be applied until the frog has regrown completely and the grooves are closed up. Only then you will have a guarantee that the thrush is not returning. If the thrush has moved to a fowling stage or you have the suspicion that it could be equine hoof canker you should us the Special Oil HK.

Important: Please note that a successful treatment can only be guaranteed if the horses stable is clean and has a regulat clean-up. Too much water activates the growth of bacteria and lowers the capacity of the hoof to absorb the oil.

If your horse is prone to develop thrush we recommend – after a successful treatment with Thrush Oil – to continue to use Hoof Care Oil Plus.